Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Camille Beckman Glycerine Hand Therapy

Today I have different post from my normal swatches or nail art. I've recently added a new product my nail care routine, and wanted to share it with you: Glycerine Hand Therapy in Midnight Monarch by Camille Beckman!

I received a sample of this hand cream in my December Birchbox, and it was one of the first products I tried out. I've been a Birchbox subscriber for about six months, and have always been satisfied with the contents of my boxes. I choose to subscribe to try new products and brands, and to be introduced to things I ordinarily wouldn't buy for myself. However, I have only ever ordered one other product in full size after receiving a Birchbox sample before this one, so that should speak pretty highly of my impressions.

Glycerine Hand Therapy is a blend of natural ingredients that you'll find in most moisturizers, specifically for hands or otherwise. There are a few things that really set this cream apart:
  1. SUPER fast absorption - Since I received this sample (and subsequently, my full sized bottle) I have been using this product immediately before taking nail photos. To chagrin of most nail bloggers and instagrammers, the optimal moisture balance in up close, high definition nail photos can be difficult to achieve. Obviously dry patches are a no-no, but greasy nail beds are just as bad. This product absorbs almost immediately, leaving NO greasy residue.
  2. Delicious smell - The sample I received was the "Midnight Monarch" scent, which is described on the Birchbox website as having, "notes of jasmine and bergamot over a base of patchouli and sweet vanilla amber." What that translates to in real life is a nice blend of sweet and spicy, with a hint of florals without being at all overwhelming. I have found myself re-applying throughout the day just for the delicious smell!
  3. Immediate results - Okay, okay, I get that this sounds too good to be true. But, as seen in the photos below, applying this product has noticeable, immediate results, making my cuticles look smooth and healthy:


I have now been using this product for just over a week, and have no reservations in recommending it to nail lovers and product junkies alike. A word of advice, though: take the Birchbox instructions to apply "liberally" with a grain of salt; I've found that only a small amount is necessary for optimal results, and over applying only makes it more difficult to massage into your skin, especially around your cuticles and nail beds.

Camille Beckman Glycerine Hand Therapy is currently available through Birchbox and directly from the Camille Beckman website

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