Monday, February 3, 2014

Gwen for OPI Triangles

I am, and have been since adolescence, a HUGE No Doubt/Gwen Stefani fan. Tragic Kingdom was my angsty soundtrack through most of middle school, and when Gwen broke out on her own, I was in awe of her artistry and ability to distinguish herself as a solo performer. Naturally, I was thrilled when I started seeing the hype of this enormous style icon's collaboration with OPI. Like many others, I was slightly disappointed when the collection was first revealed. To me, it didn't have that "it" factor, the stand out star quality that Gwen exudes 24/7, the rockstar devil-may-care attitude that spits in the face of mainstream trends.

Well, I was wrong.

After taking in the evidence through various other bloggers and keeping an eye on OPI's social media campaign around this collection, I think it actually is pretty innovative. The experimentation with different finishes sets these polishes apart, especially in what seems to be the downward slide of grainy textures. I also appreciate how OPI seems to be embracing the nail art trend by providing ornamentation with Gwen's signature shade, and the development of a nail art app. This post is me biting my tongue, acknowledging my foolishness, and maintaing that Gwen is kickass and still an innovator, as she really snuck up on me with the uniqueness of this collection.

This mani features three polishes from the collection: 4 in the Morning, Love.Angel.Music.Baby (both of which have satin finishes) and I Sing in Color (which has a glossy finish). The triangle tips were freehanded using the polish brush, and the multi-triangle accent nail was done using striping tape from the Born Pretty Store.

I really, really love the satin finish of 4 in the Morning (black, base on middle finger and triangle tip on thumb) and Love.Angel.Music.Baby (gold, base on thumb, pinky, and ring fingers, and triangle tip on index). I applied two coats of these without topcoat, as recommended. They have a subtle shimmer, are velvety to the touch, and aren't quite fully matte. I hope this finish becomes a mainstay in future OPI collections!

I Sing in Color (base on index, triangle tips on middle and pinky finger) is a deep, vampy burgundy shade, that applied smoothly and evenly with full coverage in two coats. I especially love how this stands out against the black of 4 in the Morning on my middle finger.

I initially only ordered these three and one other polish from this collection, but after falling so entirely in love with them, I might need to pick up more. What do you think of the Gwen for OPI collection? Has it grown on you as it has on me?


  1. I LOVE your write up for this collection and your nail art. You have wow'ed me again.

    1. thanks girlfrand! these are fun colors to play with for sure!