Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Indie Crush Manis

Hi everyone! Today I have two manis from earlier this month that I never posted. They both feature "bigger" indie polishes that I had on my must-have list for awhile, and was lucky enough to find through a blog sale! As a burgeoning nail blogger, I tend towards the smaller and lesser known indies in hopes of us growing together, but I can't deny that I am often drawn towards the more established brands, if only to find out if they live up to the hype. 

Take away message: they do!

Moon Child by Lumina Lacquer
This is the second glitter bomb by this indie trailblazer I have gleefully added to my collection. In addition to pink and silver microglitters, this amazingly complex polish contains a dreamy mix of large hex, star, diamond, moon, flower, heart, butterfly, and dot (!!!) glitters in pink, white, purple, and holooooo. This photo shows two dabbed coats over a Color Club mint polish, with some placement for the sake of evenness and variety. Since so many of the components of this polish are relatively large, I noticed some curling of the glitters that were placed on rounded areas of my nail (you can see it most notably on my thumb). I don't believe this to be a flaw in the polish, I would just recommend that anyone working with this or a similar polish finish it off with a generous coat or two of top coat.

The Worst is Over by Happy Hands Nail Polish
I love the cute, homemade looking labels of this polish line, and have admired several collections from afar (most notably, the Arrested Development inspired line....I'm such a sucker for any polish-pop culture crossovers!) This polish is a lovely lavender crelly with micro and small hex glitters in several shades of blue and orange. Application with this one was perfectly even, the brush grabbing a variety of glitters in each stroke. The mani shown here is three thin coats of The Worst is Over with an accent nail of OPI Liquid Sand - Tiffany Case. 
Hope you enjoy! Are there any "big indies" that you've been dying to try?

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