Monday, October 14, 2013

Circular Reasoning

Happy Columbus Day my polished friends! Especially after reading this infographic by the Oatmeal, I don't really understand why this holiday is observed, and I don't even get a day off for it. Lame.

Anyhoo, today I have some shots of the other polish I ordered from the Juicebox Lacquer's "Alive" collection, Circular Reasoning. Based on my aforementioned love for circle glitters, I'm sure this doesn't surprise anyone.

Circular Reasoning is a glitter bomb in a clear base featuring a rainbow of circle and hex matte glitters in a variety of sizes. Here I have two dabbed coats over a no-name teal polish by Color Club, topped with Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure top coat.

I love how whimsical and fun this polish is, and I imagine it would complement a variety of colors. I will say it took me a few coats to get used to the formula and to "grab" a good amount of glitter for each stroke. I don't necessarily think this qualifies as having to fish for glitters, and I think the process was more labor-intensive (ha!) since I was working with a mini bottle. As with many glitter-laden polishes, you just have to figure out the best way to work with the formula. I achieved the best results with this particular polish by giving it a good shake in between coats/fingers, and swiping the brush in a circular motion in the bottle.

If you follow The Juicebox Lacquer on Instagram, then you should have seen that she'll be coming out with a new line of glitter bombs sometime this fall/winter. I would recommend this polish and will likely be picking up a few more. She creates some really unique and interesting glitter combos!

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