Monday, September 9, 2013

Nail Honey Fall 2013 - Indie Maker Spotlight

This is something I hope to feature regularly: interviews with indie polish makers! Enjoy these Fall 2013 colors from Nail Honey, and get to know their awesome creator, Bee!

I purchased these polishes at a discounted rate in exchange for an honest review.

How did you decide to start making polishes?
I truly feel as if everything I've been through up to this point has led me to making polishes. That sounds pretentious, but it's true. Last December my mom had a very serious spinal surgery,  leaving her on bed rest up until a few months ago. I willingly decided to be her caretaker. Neither of us were working at that point and nail polish wasn't in our new budget, so I had to find a way to feed my nail polish addiction! 
Once things got more routine, my mom said "You should spend this time on yourself, as well."  For once I took her advice. I'm the DIY girl in my group of my friends, so naturally I was curious about how to make my own polishes! It was a way to keep my sanity in the midst of this storm. After a few tries, I tested some of my "elixirs" out on my BFF and her response shocked me; she loved every color I had made and told me I should sell them! After some convincing and support, I decided to take that leap and start up my indie line. 
How did you come up with the name for your line?
NAIL HONEY popped into my head one nickname is Bee and bees make honey. So I just ran with it and haven't looked back!

Vintage Rose 
A dusty rose creme with subtle warm shimmer. Two coats, no top coat.

Where do you find inspiration for your colors? What is your favorite color you've made?
I'm trying my hardest to resist the urge to say "life is my inspiration," but that does sum it up. There's so many things that catch my eye now, like the color of begonias and daisies, or even songs! It's just anything that means something to me, I turn it into a color. 
"Plummed Out" & "JADED" best described how I was feeling when I began my polish making journey. It gave me an outlet to express myself without being too emo. 
My favorite color I've made has to be "Nude Beaches!" I'd wear that color everyday! Plus it's the perfect base for leopard print!

What polish brands (mainstream or indie) are your favorites?
I am obsessed with all things Essie! I love their variety. I just received my first indies about two weeks ago and it was life changing! My wishlist includes Bernadette Thompson, Picture Polish, and Rainbow Honey.

Lady & the Vamp
A deep, warm crimson with golden shimmer. Two coats, no top coat.

What's your favorite thing about where you're from?
I was raised in Houston and I moved back after college. I've traveled all across the US and nothing comes close to Houston. There's so much diversity and different cultures here! The closest thing to Houston is NYC, in my opinion. It's refreshing to see people from all walks of life working together and coexisting.

Do you have a "day job?"
Right now, my "day job" is helping my mom continue to heal from surgery, but I worked with foster kids and inner city youth before I moved back to Houston. 

What's your favorite thing about making polishes? What is the hardest thing?
My favorite thing is feeling like I have a blank canvas in front of me and that the possibilities are endless! The hardest part is keeping the formula consistent despite the colors or glitters involved.

Blue Genes
A soft denim blue with cool, silver shimmer. Two coats, no top coat.

Is there a Mr. Nail Honey?
Hahaha yes! He's an awesome boyfriend & is super supportive of my indie line! He's even helping me put together a desk so I have a bigger work space. 

If you're going to a salon, do you prefer a mani or a pedi? 

If you could meet anyone, living or dead, who would it be? What custom color would you design for them?
This is tough...but I would say Anna Nicole Smith! For some reason I've always loved her. I would make her the hottest pink possible with loads of glitter mixed in

Olive Juice
A gray toned olive green with silver shimmer. Two coats, no top coat.

Would you rather be stuck with super nubs forever but be able to paint them any you want, or have long nails that can only be one color?
LONG NAILS! If I didn't make polishes my answer would definitely be different. My nails are usually nude these days because I use them as "test strips." Seriously, I'll have a different color on each nail some days and look like a 2nd grader. So, one color wouldn't bother me at all! 

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