Saturday, January 4, 2014

Juice Box Lacquer - Whoops, It's Christmas!

Happy New Year, everyone! Today I have three polishes to share with you that I chose from the Juice Box Lacquer Christmas collection, hilariously titled "Whoops, It's Christmas!"

First up is Tree Balls, Hold the Tree, a glitter topper in a clear base consisting solely of glorious multicolored circle glitters. Be still my heart!

In these photos, I have two dabbed layers over OPI - Don't Touch My Tutu, topped with Seche Vite to smooth everything out. It was very easy to get a good variety of glitters with each swipe/dab, but I did find the clear base to be a bit thick. You can see where bubbles appeared, especially over my middle and ring fingers. Because of this, in the future I will probably place glitters individually rather than dabbing, or use a sponge to soak up some of the base. 

Here I sandwiched Tree Balls, Hold the Tree between layers of Don't Touch My Tutu and topped with OPI Matte topcoat. I absolutely love how soft and whimsical this looks! Also, the layering and matte top coat made those pesky bubbles less visible.

This beauty is Golden Candy Canes, which contains yellow/gold and red matte hex and small dot glitters in a shimmering white crelly base. Photos show three thin coats with top coat, with minimal placement of larger glitters on the top layer. 

This one is so delicate and gorgeous, I only wish I had better captured the shimmer of the base! Application was perfect and even, and the base is the perfect balance of opacity to mute the layers below while still letting the glitters peek through. 

Though this is certainly the most obviously Christmas-y polish that I bought from the collection, I could see this incorporated into manis year round. It's really so pretty in person!

Last is my favorite of the three, Stairway to Holo Heaven, or as I've lovingly abbreviated it, S2HH. It is a glitter topper in a clear base with tons of small holo hexes, and larger holo dots and stars. Here I have two dabbed layers over Smokey Mountains Lacquer - Showstopper.

Hellooooo holo!! How could this one not be my favorite? It combines holo and circle glitters, and it really doesn't get much better than that.

As with Tree Balls, Hold the Tree, the base for S2HH was on the thick side, but still workable, and so worth the effort! While this one certainly lends itself to the holidays, I can't imagine limiting its use year-round, it's just too sparkly and magical!!

S2HH was also featured in my New Year's Eve mani! As I suspected, the thickness of the base was made much easier to work with by applying with a make up sponge. I applied S2HH on the tips of my index and pinky finger (over a black by Sinful Colors and a white by Wet'n'Wild) and used OPI - My Favorite Ornament as the accent, and over a taped "x" pattern on my middle finger.

One more shot of my NYE mani in the sun! I really loved this one!

These polishes aren't currently available from the Juice Box Lacquer's Storenvy shop, but be sure to keep checking there and on Instagram for updates, as Bre has hinted that they will appear either on clearance or in mystery boxes in the near future!

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