Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Nail Honey Bee Day Trio

Today I have swatches of the Bee Day collection by Nail Honey, a trio of polishes celebrating the always fabulous Bee's 27th birthday! I wanted to order these polishes as soon as they were released, but I was in the middle of holiday shopping and hesitant to spend the money on myself. Once I had wrapped things up, I was delighted to see some were still available! Though I've long been a supporter of Nail Honey and have always been blown away by the quality of the polishes, this was my first time ordering glitter based/crelly polishes from Bee, and I was interested to see how they would measure up to her previous releases. Overall, I'm extremely impressed!

First is Crown Jewels, a mixture of silver, magenta, blue, and black glitters in a shimmery purple jelly base. Photos show three thin coats, some with and some without top coat (I will specify!). This is most true "jelly" of the three--the base is very sheer.

The reason I chose to show this polish without topcoat (above) is to show how seamlessly the coats combined, and how smooth the finished products looks on its own. Not that I'm complaining, but it is very common with glitter polishes that up to three layers of top coat are required to achieve a smooth finished look. Though this polish does not contain any especially large or unique shaped glitters that usually require that amount of topcoat, it's remarkable that a smooth look is achievable with absolutely NO top coat. The macro shot below was also before top coat, and shows just how many glitters appear in this stunning polish!

The next photo show three thin coats topped with HK Girl Topcoat. Again, not really necessary, but it does pack a punch of glossy shine, and allowed me to affix this cute rhinestone crown (purchased from Polished by kpt) decal as an accent!

Next up is 27 Candles, a peachy-nude crelly base with multicolored glitters. Photo shows three coats with top coat. I LOVE how many different colors appear in this polish, it really reminds of a birthday cake with rainbow sprinkles! The base was almost too opaque to be considered a crelly, but you can see where glitters from the first two coats barely peek through. The base also has a lovely warm shimmer. I'd really love to see the base for this made into a creme polish without the glitter.

While I definitely could see 27 Candles not being in everyone's regular use rotation, it's an extremely unique polish with a fantastic formula. If you like the overall look, you will definitely be pleased with this one. I added the taped triangles in the photo below to show case just how versatile it can be, and also topped with OPI Matte Topcoat for a different effect!

The last polish in the collection is 11:11, a royal blue crelly with lots of silvery shimmer and holo hex and moon shaped glitters. Photos show two coats with topcoat. Again, the base of this one was quite opaque for a crelly, and you could probably get away with just one coat. Sadly, I didn't swatch this one before a tragic break on my index finger, hence the uneven nub. :( But hopefully that won't detract too much from how gorgeous this polish is!

Again, royal blue isn't necessarily in everyone's wheelhouse, especially those who are restricted by work dress codes. But the color is vibrant and the formula is impeccable. If this is your style, you will love it! I probably wouldn't choose to do a full mani of this again, but I definitely see potential for using it in nail art or as an accent nail.

These polishes are all still available for individual purchase on the Nail Honey site, and 11:11 is on sale! You can also follow @nailhoney on Instagram for future releases and promotions.

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