Monday, January 20, 2014

The Nail Rock Glitter Sequin Kit

Happy MLK Day! It's very rare that I have a holiday from both work AND school, so I'm really enjoying my long doing lots of nail looks! Today I used one of my Birchbox samples, The Nail Rock glitter sequin kit, to create one of my most sparkly accent nails yet!

The Nail Rock kit comes with a pot of glitter, (mine was a mixture of green, aqua, and silver) a special glitter-grabbing base coat, and a brief set of instructions. I applied one coat of the base coat over my normal base of Nailtiques 2, then rolled my finger in the glitter pot. I used my regular clean up brush to brush away excess glitter, then topped with HK Girl Topcoat to seal everything in and give it a high gloss. I paired this outrageous accent nail with a somewhat subdued gradient of Zoya Chantal and Hunter, and added circular silver studs from the Born Pretty Store. 

Though I'm not totally crazy about these two looks in combination, (the greens matched MUCH better in my head!) I do enjoy them independently. I've never done a full loose-glitter nail accent before, and it's a really simple way to get a super fabulous look. I do like the combination of glitter, and it was a good size for this type of application, and could also be used in glitter placement. The base coat that comes in the kit smells AWFUL, almost like superglue. It picked up a lot of glitter, but it took a long time to dry and gave me a headache. If I try this again, I will probably just use my normal basecoat. Also, by that logic, you're probably better off just buying individual pots of loose glitter (available for cheap from craft stores or the Born Pretty Store) rather than dropping $7 on this kit. 

Macro shot of my glitter nail. Again, I do like the look, and I'll probably do it again, and even look into buying more loose glitter to experiment. The base coat that came with the kit is going in the trash.

The Nail Rock glitter sequin kit is available from Birchbox, and comes in a few other colors and finishes, including velvet and microglitter. If you're interested in receiving monthly samples from Birchbox for only $10, sign up here!


  1. I love Chantal and Hunter together, and the stud is a great addition! The sequin nail is very fun :)

    1. Thanks! Chantal just might be my new favorite polish!