Tuesday, April 15, 2014

NOTD: Pinwheel Polish - Fiesta Night Parade

Hi everyone! Since I got settled into my new place, I've gone on a serious nail polish ordering spree, making it really easy to be inspired (and to want to do my nails all the time!) Today's mani features a new polish that I just received yesterday, but I had to rip into it immediately.

Pinwheel Polish - Fiesta Night Parade is a clear based glitter topper with a beautiful variety of teal, pink, green, and holo glitters. These photos show two dabbed coats sandwiched between layers of L'oreal - Lilac Coolers. Glitter application was very even. As usual, I sat the bottle upside down before polishing, and gave it a good shake between coats. The bigger glitters were super easy to grab.

I've been really wanting to expand my collection of non-glitter jellies lately, and after doing some reading on the OPI Sheer Tints and the Sally Hansen Triple Shine jelly collection, I determined that neither really fit the bill for what I was looking for. My research led me to the limited edition collection of L'oreal jellies--I immediately threw six of them into my Amazon cart. This is the first one I've used, and the formula was fantastic! I applied two thin coats to each nail, then alternated layers of glitter and the jelly to get this look. My ring finger has three layers of the jelly polish topped with Zoya - Liberty in a taped design.

This is a really gorgeous and dynamic glitter topper, and I could imagine it looking fabulous with a lot of different base colors. I was forced into buying immediately when I saw a swatch of it over black--that might have to be the next combination I try!

Just look at the squish! Nom nom nom

Obviously, I had to try this one out with matte top coat. I was not disappointed! I love how the jelly polish takes on a frosty look when mattefied. 

Janna of Pinwheel Polish was also kind enough to offer a mini cuticle oil with purchase on the day I ordered. I opted for the "candy" scent--it smells just like rock candy! It seems to be a "dry oil," meaning that the aftermath of application isn't sticky or overly greasy. I'm a total cuticle care junkie, so I'm happy to add this little beauty to my collection.

The full Fiesta San Antonio collection is available from Pinwheel Polish right now. I love that this is one of the more affordable indie lines, so if you're on a budget, definitely take a look at what Pinwheel has to offer! Also, if you're a jelly fiend like me, be sure to scope out the L'oreal Miss Candy collection on Amazon; I was able to find all of them for $3 each or less!

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  1. I love this combo! Those jellies are amazing. They're sheer enough to let glitters in a sandwich show through but some are opaque enough to be worn alone. I hope L'Oreal makes more..