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GG Couture Swatches & Indie Maker Spotlight

Hey, nail babes! I'M BACK! After a hellish couple of weeks at school and work, AND a move to a new apartment, my nail game is finally getting back to normal. We still don't have internet in the new place, (I gave boyfriend one job...ONE) but I'm long overdue to share these beautiful polishes from GG Couture, along with my first indie maker spotlight in way too long! Read on to see some pretties AND to learn more about the fabulous Gabrielle of GG Couture :)

Polishes provided for review.

How did you decide to start making polishes?
One night, while painting the tiny nails of my 4 younger sisters (now 5!), I started wondering about the ingredients in nail polish. As I started doing more research, I realized something--most nail polishes have 5 positively terrible chemicals present in them. These chemicals are: Formaldehyde, Formaldehyde Resin, Toluene, Camphor and DBP. After understanding the chemicals and their effects, I looked into nail lacquers that are free of these  pesky chemicals, and safe to put on even the tiniest fingers. Much to my suprise, I didn't find many options. The colors were either bland, or the formula was not satisfactory. I then looked into making my own. I have been making my own polish since, and have had an absolute blast doing it.

The Deep Blue is a deep navy jelly polish with metallic circle and diamond glitters in a variety of shades of blue. These photos show three thin coats topped with HK Girl Topcoat. Application was smooth and even, and I didn't have to dig to get a nice distribution of glitters on each nail. 

What polish brands (mainstream or indie) are your favorites?
My largest 'collection' would have to be Sephora By OPI. I started collecting these long before I started create my own line, and even before I knew of the wonderful world of indie polishes. While I naturally prefer and use my line primarily, Sephora By OPI is one that really started the addiction! 

Side note: This was the first of the polishes I swatched, and there were a few weeks between this and the others. You'll notice a drastic change in my nail shape if you continue reading. I miss my lovely, long squares!

When you were younger, what did you want to be when you grew up?
I was planning on training and showing horses, as well as having a horse rescue. This is still a love of mine, and I still have 2 beautiful horses: King and Pumpkin. Horses are my therapy!

Here, I topped The Deep Blue with Sally Hansen Big Matte Topcoat. MATTEFY ALL THE JELLIES!

Where do you find inspiration for your colors?
Each quarter, when I release a new collection, the biggest goal is to create a balance. I want to create a line that polish lovers of all ages can love. While many of us love loud glittery neon polishes, others may desire something a little different. Whether you are more reserved with your polish likes, or want to wear a glitter party, I want to have something that you will love. 

What is your favorite color you've made?
I really cannot pick a favorite! My favorite really depends on my mood that day. 

This macro shot really highlights the depth in the layers!

Blushing Violet is a thermal holo jelly that is a dusty purple shade when cool, and a light silver when warm. Photos show three thin coats topped with Seche Vite. Application was easy for this one as well, and the sheer polish built up to opacity very nicely. PS...notice the change in nail shape here. Moving has not been kind to my talons!

What's your favorite thing about making polishes? What is the hardest thing?
My favorite thing about making polish is the ability to come up with an idea and see it come to life. The hardest thing is waiting for the post man to come when you know you have glitter mail coming!

This photo shows Blushing Violet (mostly) in its warm state. The polish was somewhat reluctant to transition, but when I dipped my fingers in warm water, the change was pretty dramatic (and so pretty! Thermals are so much fun!)

This photo is a relatively subtle shot of the transition. Without running water over my fingers to make it change, the polish usually looked something like this.

Would you rather be stuck with super nubs forever but be able to paint them any color you want, or have long nails that can only be one color? (and what color would you pick!) 
I would have to say long nails. I used to bite my nails, and my longer nails are kind of a trophy for me. I really wouldn't like not being able to paint them every day, though! I would probably do black or red with a holo topcoat.

Holo-llujah that's gorgeous! I opted to have this polish Chai Tea scented, and it smelled absolutely delicious--the perfect mix of sweet and spice, and definitely not overwhelming (even when wet!) I honestly was craving a chai latte the entire day I wore it!

The last polish I reviewed is Diamonds Are a Girl's Best Friend, a stunning glitter topper that is packed with holo dust, small holo dots, and larger holo hearts. These photos show two coats over Zoya - Odette. I can see this one becoming a staple in my future manis--so much glitter! So much holo! Application was best after giving the bottle a good shake to distribute the holo dust and the hearts. 

If you could add one extra hour to each day, how would you spend it? 
With my family!
What big nail trends do you see for spring 2014, and how is GG Couture fitting in with them?
I think the biggest spring nail trend will be brighter versions of spring colors (pink, green, yellow) + color shifting polishes. I have a new collection coming the first week of April, that encompasses what I think will be the top Spring nail trends!

I opted to have this polish Dragon's Blood scented, because I was SO curious as to what that would smell like! Honestly, I can't really describe's spicy, but almost minty, and maybe a little floral? I like the smell, but I can't put my finger on what it reminds me of. Definitely worth trying if you're interested--Gabrielle offers scent options for ALL of her polishes!

Check out the GG Couture website to order these and other polishes from Gabrielle's line, and be sure to follow her on Instagram to keep updated on promotions and new releases!

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