Saturday, July 26, 2014

Halo Hues Series - Eternal Beauty, Cosmic Fate, & Harp On It

Hi, all! Today I finally have the second post in my Color Club Halo Hues series that I began a million years ago (aka June 9th) for your viewing pleasure. For those of you just joining us, I recently made a super impulsive Amazon purchase and ordered all twelve of the famous Color Club holographic polishes. To justify my recklessness, I am swatching my way through them and sharing them in a series of blog posts.

Click here to catch up on part one of the series, otherwise, onward to holo goodness!

Eternal Beauty is a richly violet linear holo. This is two coats with topcoat. 

Next is Cosmic Fate, a peach/rose gold metallic linear holo. This one was somewhat lackluster in the bottle, but I knew better than to write it off. Once on the nail and under the proper lighting, it came alive! 

Again, this is two perfectly opaque coats with topcoat. You could definitely get away with one if applied carefully.

Finally, here's Harp On It, a silvery blue linear holo that may be the star of the show in these collections. The holo is very strong in all of them, but for some reason, this one just pops! Once again, photos show two coats with topcoat.

Have you fallen into the rabbit hole of Color Club holos yet? Which one is your favorite? I have to say I have a "new favorite" almost every time I swatch a new one, but Harp On It might be the front runner for now. I still have seven more to showcase, so anything could happen!

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