Friday, November 22, 2013

A Very Laquerlicious Christmas - Indie Maker Spotlight

It's time for another indie maker spotlight!

I have talked about my aversion to premature Christmas spirit before, (here) but when Michelle of Laquerlicious offered to share some polishes from her holiday collection with me, you can bet your grandma's secret cookie recipe I said yes! I hope you'll enjoy these festive swatches, and learning more about this glitter guru.

Polishes provided for review.

A Letter from Santa is my favorite polish in this collection! It's a glitter bomb of red, white, green, and pink glitters in a variety of sizes and shapes. It reminds me of peppermint ice cream, and I really love the light pink snow flakes. This photo shows one coat plus some minimal placement of larger glitters over a green base, topped with two layers of top coat. Application of this glitter was even and smooth after giving it a good shake.

How did you decide to start making polishes? How did you come up with the name for your line? What is your favorite color you've made?
Being a manicurist for the last 20 years, I have always custom blended colors for my clients. When chunky, multi colored glitter became popular to put in acrylic I knew I wanted it in polish as well. Then, when I found out there was such a name for this (Indie Polish), I was thrilled! Thus, Laquerlicious was born :) I purposely left the "C" out of Laquerlicious because it was already such a long name and I didn't think anyone would miss it. But a lot of people still spell it Lacquerlcious. I stopped correcting a while ago, and figured if they want to find me, they'll find me.

Twinkling Lights is SO appropriately named! It's a super dense silvery glitter base with multicolored glitters and some holo dots. Photo shows two thin coats on its own with two layers of top coat. It was really easy to achieve full coverage with this polish, but the finished product was slightly textured. The top coat evened that right out! I wore this one all day and got tons of compliments on it.

What is your favorite color you've made?
Princess Jemma Bleue and Barbie Girl are my 2 favorite polishes to date.

What polish brands are your favorites?
China Glaze and Zoya are my forever faves.

Lead the Way Rudolph is a super pigmented red jelly packed with red, green, and iridescent glitters. Photo shows two thin coats topped with top coat. The sheerness of the base created a really complex look, and the glitters applied evenly.

What color/polish type/brand do you have wayyyy too much of in your stash?
You can never have too much polish! Haha but really, probably China Glaze.

Naughty List is a shimmery white crelly with iridescent and purple glitters throughout. Photo shows two thin coats over a base of white topped with top coat. If this is what the naughty list looks like, Santa can go ahead and move me on over! This polish is really elegant, and reminds me of a snowy, moonlit night.

What's your favorite thing about making polishes?
I love creating glitter combos. Glitter bombs are my favorite to make.

What is the hardest thing?
Throwing out a glitter mixture I "thought" looked good in my head but didn't actually work together.

Mistletoe Kisses is a minty green crelly packed with red and green glitters. Photo shows two coats with top coat. Application was smooth and even, and it was really easy to get even distribution of the glitters. This one reminds of Christmas cookies with sugary sprinkles!

Is there a Mr. Laquerlicious? ;)
There is! His name is Jim. We've been together 13 years and just celebrated our 10 year anniversary on Halloween.

What is one of your most cherished holiday traditions?
A Christmas Story!! Yes, I watch the 24 hour marathon EVERY year on TNT!

Crazy Christmas is a fabulously festive glitter bomb with a variety of shapes of red, green, gold, and silver metallic glitters. This photo shows one coat over a navy base with some placement of the larger glitters. It was easy to grab lots of glitters with each stroke.

What’s your holiday shopping style—are you in line at 5am on Black Friday, or running around on December 24th trying to find something for everyone on your list?
Definitely both! I start out with good intentions by trying to have everything done in a timely manner but end up scrambling at the end!

White or multi-colored lights on your tree? Angel or star on the top?
Multi colored light and a star!

All of these and others are currently available on the Laquerlicious website, and you can follow Michelle on Instagram to learn about future promotions and releases!


  1. Thank you Ashley! Your review is fabulous!

  2. i am in love with the first one! such a fun topper

    1. My favorite, too...especially those big pink snowflakes. Thanks for reading!