Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Mrs. P's Nail Potions

I'm very excited to share some of Mrs. P's Nail Potions today! When I reached out to Bree about doing some swatching for her extensive line of indie polishes, I told her to surprise me with colors that she either really wanted to see swatched, or that hadn't been chosen by other bloggers. I figured I was in good hands based on the amazing range of colors and polishes on her site...and I was right!

Polishes bought at a promotional price in exchange for review.

First up is I Guaranteal it, which was one of my favorites when I first browsed the site!
This polish is an electric, slightly duochromey, metallic teal. Photo shows two coats without top coat.

I have a bit of a love-hate relationship with metallic polishes; I always love them in the bottle, but hate when it's impossible to avoid visible brush strokes. I found it very easy to achieve even, opaque coverage without lots of strokes, making this one a win-win. 

Next is Falling Deeply, a rich coppery metallic with cool toned shimmer (blue/green mostly) throughout. Photo shows two coats without top coat.

What a fabulous and unique combination of colors! It really does bring to mind the shades of the season, and I love the hidden cool duochrome in this warm color. This is one I definitely see being used a lot for simple manis and nail art alike.

Last one is Blurred Limes, a vibrant green metallic. Again, I found it easy to apply without visible brush strokes. Photo shows two coats without top coat.

Usually I'm not a huge fan of green polishes that don't have blue undertones, but I really love how this one looks, and oddly thought it complimented my skin tone really well. (Greens usually make me look so red!)

Mrs. P makes a spectraflair top coat, and lot of the polishes on her site are shown with some holo goodness on top. So, I was tempted to try it out!

I LOVE this combination. I used the spectraflair top coat by Polished by Kpt.

All of these polishes exceeded expectations when it comes to formula, pigmentation, and originality. Also, I found the dry time to be notably shorter than I've experienced with other indie/3-free polishes. Usually I just slap some Seche Vite on top to speed the process, but I wanted to photograph these without since they have such a glossy finish on their own!

These three polishes are currently available along with many others on Bree's Etsy shop, and you can follow her on Instagram for information about promotions and upcoming releases!

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