Sunday, May 18, 2014

UVA Graduation

Hi everyone! Today I finally had a chance to post my mani from this past weekend. I was in Charlottesville, Virginia for my boyfriend's sister's graduation from the University of Virginia. I also graduated from UVA three long years ago, and I haven't been back since. I was so excited to revisit my alma mater that I did some Wahoo-themed nails.

Polishes used were Sinful Colors - Snow Me White, OPI - Eurso Euro, and a Nail Honey custom orange polish. The studs are regular gold studs from the Born Pretty Store that I painted orange using a small Winstonia brush.

For the stripes, I started with a white base, then applied a thinnish coat of Seche Vite. Adding quick dry topcoat and allowing the base to dry completely is absolutely essential for doing a tape mani! I carefully applied striping tape, (from the Born Pretty Store) painted one generous coat of Eurso Euro, and removed the tape immediately. I generally have a love-hate relationship with striping tape, but I had crisp lines and a pretty good outcome this time.

The inspiration for this accent nail was the UVA logo:

This sucker took me FOREVER to get right. For such a simple design, it sure is hard to replicate on my tiny, ring fingernail canvas. The sabers were nearly impossible to get even, but I finally achieved a look I was somewhat satisfied with. I always feel like I need more practice with freehand designs!

How gorgeous is this school?! I can't believe I ever left. I was happy to do a UVA themed mani, and even happier to have the opportunity to celebrate graduation weekend in Charlottesville. It made me miss my college days so much! Mr. Jefferson's university is such a special, beautiful place, and it was an honor to be a part of such an important weekend for this year's graduates. 

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