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Daphine Polish - His Dark Materials Collection, part 2

Hi, everyone! Today I have the second half of the His Dark Materials collection by Daphine Polish. As with part one, I'm including Joanne's descriptions of how these polishes connect to the books, with text written by her denoted with underlined text.

(PS...If you haven't seen part one, check it out here!)

Polish provided for review.

Cloud Pine is a taupe-light brown shimmery crelly with blue, green, and purple iridescent glitters. Photos show two flawless coats with topcoat. I love the cool, subtle shimmer in this one. It's a very unique color in my collection.

This polish is inspired by Serafina Pekkala, the queen of the witch clan. Cloud pine is a type of magical tree used by witches to fly. Once the lover of gyptian Farder Coram, Serafina Pekkala allies her clan with the gyptians on their mission to rescue the children from Bolvangar. She rescues Lyra and Roger from the fight at Bolvangar and carries them to safety in Lee Scoresby’s balloon.

“Up! Into midair Lyra and Roger were caught and swept, and found themselves clinging with weakening fingers to a cloud-pine branch, where a young witch was sitting tense with balanced grace…” 
The Golden Compass

Dust is a soft yellow-gold shimmer crelly with a subtle scattered holographic effect. Photos show two coats with top coat. As with the other lighter crellies in this collection, I was very impressed by the formula, and surprised that third coat was not required to achieve full opacity.

Dust is a metaphysical particle invisible to the human eye. Many of the adult characters in His Dark Materials have spent their lives researching and chasing Dust, trying to learn more about this mysterious particle, whether it be to harness its power or destroy it.

“‘What is this Dust?’
‘It comes from the sky. Some say it has always been there, some say it is newly falling. What is certain is that when people become aware of it, a great fear comes over them, and they’ll stop at nothing to discover what it is.’”
The Golden Compass

The holographic shimmer is somewhat more evident in this macro, but it was even more pronounced in real life. 

Texas Aeronaut is a red-leaning orange with strong gold micro-flakie shimmer. Photos show two thin coats with top coat. This polish was probably the biggest surprise for me in the collection; it didn't immediately grab me in the bottle, but it is truly gorgeous on the nail. I can honestly say I don't have another color anything like this in my collection, from the lovely peachy shade to the strong shimmer. 

Texas Aeronaut is inspired by Lee Scoresby, a new Dane from the country of Texas hired by the gyptians to rescue the children kidnapped by the Gobblers. He becomes fiercely loyal to Lyra, continuing in her cause even after they are separated on Svalbard.

“[Lyra] looked at this newcomer with surprise. He was a tall, lean man with a thin black moustache and narrow blue eyes, and a perpetual expression of distant and sardonic amusement. She felt strongly about him at once, but she wasn’t sure whether it was liking she felt, or dislike. His dæmon was a shabby hare as thin and tough-looking as he was.”
The Golden Compass

Knife Bearer is a blackened olive green jelly with strong red shimmer and a touch of scattered holographic effect. Photos show two thin coats with topcoat. The green tint in the base was camera shy, but much more apparent in person. Formula was excellent.

This polish is inspired by Will Parry. He is first introduced in the second book of the trilogy, The Subtle Knife, a quiet and serious twelve year old boy who has learned over the years how to make himself unnoticeable in order to take care of his mentally ill mother. He discovers a window into another world, Cittàgazze’s world, and there meets Lyra and becomes the bearer of the subtle knife.

“‘Now,’ said Giacomo Paradisi, ‘here you are, take the knife, it is yours.’
‘I don’t want it,’ said Will. ‘I don’t want anything to do with it.’
‘You haven’t got the choice,’ said the old man. ‘You are the bearer now.’”
The Subtle Knife

Final Thoughts
Despite not knowing this trilogy, I really love this entire collection, and I imagine it would be even more special for someone who has the same passion for this series as Joanne! My top picks are definitely Citagazze, Gyptian Longboat, and Texas Aeronaut. All of these polishes had a great formula. Many of them we sheer after one coat, but built to surprisingly full coverage with a second. Also, on a somewhat unrelated note, the mini bottles from Daphine Polish have full-sized brush handles, making application a breeze! I often end up avoiding minis due to the difficulty of application with a tiny little brush, which also means I'm able to sample fewer colors from a lot of collections. I love that the brushes are full sized in these minis! Overall, I would highly recommend this collection, and am glad to have had the opportunity to try out this indie line.

This collection will be available in the Daphine Polish Etsy shop this Friday, June 6th. Be sure to check out Daphine Polish at the links below for details and updates, and don't forget to take a look at the other four polishes in the collection reviewed in part 1.

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