Thursday, August 14, 2014

Trust Fund Beauty Swatches & Review

Tonight I have some swatches to share with you from a brand I just recently discovered and fell head over heels in love with, Trust Fund Beauty! When I discovered the brand on Instagram, I immediately knew that this was one indie to keep an eye on. Their attitude is sassy, chic, and hilarious, all of which is echoed in their product lines, names, and descriptions. You'll see what I mean if you keep scrolling, and check out the four gorgeous polishes I had the opportunity to review.

First two polishes shown were provided for review. The second two polishes shown were purchased by me.

This stunning bright red jelly is I Love My #selfie. A fabulous feature of the TFB site is their awesome descriptions of each polish: 

As someone who has taken by fair share of shameless selfies to celebrate everything from good hair days to cute outfits to slow afternoons at this office, this rings so, so, true.

This polish seriously looks just like what candied apples are dipped in. Its a very pigmented jelly base that was opaque in two coats. The formula was a bit on the thicker side, but that actually made it nice to work with. Jellies tend to run thin and stringy, and require lots of coats for full coverage. This wouldn't be ideal for a jelly sandwich, but it's perfect for a high impact, super glossy red classic.

Next up is Spoiled:

TFB owes me royalties for that description, because I'm pretty sure that's a direct quote from me as a child. Not sure if I should be proud of that, but I am who I am...

Anyhoo, Spoiled is beautifully soft, warm, peachy-nude polish absolutely packed with iridescent and holographic shimmer. Here I am wearing three thin coats alone with topcoat. As you can see, there is still a bit of visible nail line with three coats (which I love--I think sheer can be so sexy!) For those that don't like a sheer look, this would be beautiful over a white or nude base, and very dynamic over a darker base.

Formula for this one was thinner than I Love My #selfie, but similarly smooth and easy to work with. The thinner formula worked better for this one, since more coats were definitely needed to build coverage.

Just look at that beautiful sparkle! The shimmer in this gives the polish most of its opacity, and almost a satin-finish effect. 

These next two polishes were my picks from the site, both from their matte line and currently on sale! 

First up is Zero Carbs:

You could easily switch out "this polish" for "Diet Coke," my other main addiction. Sold. 

Zero Carbs is a creamy medium slate gray with what TFB describes as a matte finish. These photos show two coats without topcoat. Formula was phenomenally smooth, and didn't dry annoyingly fast like a lot of matte polishes.

I say that TFB calls this matte finish because this doesn't totally read matte to me. Don't get me wrong, I absolutely LOVE it, and the finish certainly isn't glossy. It reminds me of semi-gloss wall paint, and it almost has a subtle texture as well. You can really see the texture in the macro shot below.

The slight texture is reminiscent to me of the Sinful Colors leather collection from last year, which I could NEVER find in stores. So I'm glad to have added a couple polishes to my collection that have this cool, unique finish! 

Last polish from Trust Fund Beauty is Skinny Jeans:

Aw shucks, Trust Fund Beauty babes. Right back atcha!

Skinny jeans is described as a denim blue, but it reads a bit brighter than what I would usually associate with the more muted blue of denim. Regardless, it's a very cool and unique color. Formula was, again, very nice, and photos show two even coats without topcoat.

The only downside to these two matte polishes was dry time. After waiting about twenty minutes, I accidentally dented this one, thinking it should be totally dry by then. However, take my opinion with a grain of salt, because I am a quick dry topcoat junkie, and I get antsy after anything more than 3+ minutes of dry time. Since you wouldn't want to top these with topcoat to preserve the cool texture, you'll just have to be patient. But trust me, they are more than worth it!

All of these polishes are currently available through Trust Fund Beauty. Their entire line is vegan, 5-free, and cruelty free! Be sure to take a look, and follow them on Instagram for delightfully cheeky posts and promotions!

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  1. Great Review! Can't wait until mine arrive. I found a polish maker so actually puts time and effort in the naming. The colors are georgous and the names just make it a complete package for me!