Tuesday, August 12, 2014

NOTD: Pastel Mermaid Nail Art

Nail babes, I have a confession to make. Since my first attempts at nail art in March 2013 and starting my blog almost a year ago, I have never...NEVER... done mermaid nails. I know, I'm a fraud; a failure. What kind of nail girl isn't obsessed with mermaids? And doesn't create mermaid-esque masterpieces on her claws to celebrate the summer? I don't know what took me so long to come to my senses as a mermaid-loving nail artist of the 21st century, but the good news is that I finally did.

Let the healing begin.

All jokes aside, I have seen tons of stunning mermaid-inspired manicures in the blogosphere, which is probably part of why I waited so long to attempt something like this. It took a lot of practice and building my confidence to be comfortable with creating a design like this, but inspired enough to add my own touches to this favorite theme of the nail/beauty/fashion community.

My spin? Pastels and charmies! All the pastels, and ALL THE CHARMIES!

I started with a base of two coats each of OPI - My Vampire is Buff on my middle and ring fingers, OPI - Can't Find My Czechbook on my thumb and index fingers, and China Glaze - Re-fresh Mint on my pinky.

For the index finger, I sponged China Glaze - Spring In My Step for a pinkish base, then sponged Zoya - Godiva over it. Everyone knows I'm obsessed with gold polishes, and this textured beauty is one of my all time favorites--and coincidentally, PERFECT for creating a sandy shore!

For my middle and ring fingers, I used the plastic baggy method of dabbing and smooshing Can't Find My Czechbook, Spring In My Step, and Re-Fresh Mint. This was actually my first time trying this technique, and I loved how simple it was to create such a pretty, unique look. I topped the pastel mixture with a coat of China Glaze - Fairy Dust before carefully freehanding the scales using a Bundlemonster brush dipped in OPI - Love.Angel.Music.Baby (another favorite gold of mine!) 

Which nail in this mani is really an accent nail when they're all this outrageous? Well, technically, I went wit the pinky, because glitter! I applied three thin coats of Orly - Sparkling Garbage to achieve this multifaceted look. 

Obviously the big stars here, whether you like them or not, are the charms! The charms I recently purchased from Pink Novelera fueled my sudden desire to bravely go where many nail artists have gone before me and create a mermaid mani. The pearls, seashells, rhinestones, and large jewel cluster I ordered just screamed mermaid to me! I also added the star and small metal studs that I had previously purchased from the Born Pretty Store. I do love Born Pretty, but it was so great to find a domestic seller of charms like this for such reasonable prices--I would definitely recommend ordering from her if you're not interested in waiting weeks for your package.

Which nail in this mani is really an accent nail when they're all this outrageous? Well, technically, I went wit the pinky, because glitter! I applied three thin coats of Orly - Sparkling Garbage to achieve this multifaceted look. 

What do you think? Is the mermaid trend over, or here to stay? Have I finally gone too far with the bling? Tell me your thoughts, though I can't promise I won't be too distracted by the sparkle to listen to any criticism!


  1. I usually hate looks like this but for some reason.. you make me love it! I don't know how far I would get in life with this look but you capture it greatly!

    1. I totally thought you would hate this, I know it's not your style at all. It was a LOT to wear at once, but I loved it!