Saturday, August 30, 2014

Nvr Enuff Polish - The Pagemaster Collection Swatches & Review

Happy Labor Day weekend, polished world! Today I finally have the wonderful nostalgia-filled Pagemaster collection by Nvr Enuff Polish to share with you! I was thrilled when I saw that this recently formed indie brand was creating a collection inspired by one of my favorite childhood films. I remember begging my parents to rent this video for me constantly, loving it, but also winding up in bed with them terrified. Watch, rinse, repeat--weekend after weekend. I guess that says something about me being a little weirdo, but at least it exposed me to this classic!

Polish provided for review.

First up, and my absolutely favorite of the collection, is Jekyll & Hyde, a green/blue/purple sheer multichrome topper with shards of silver flakes and scatter linear holo pigment. These photos show two coats over a plain back polish. This collection overall features a lot of flakey type sparkle polishes, which I absolutely love. It's gorgeous way to add depth to a polish for a totally unique result.

As with most multichromes, this polish is incredibly versatile from different angles and in different types of lighting. The macros below show the full range of color and highlights the holo sparkle.

Next is Fantasy, a gorgeous lilac creme with dense golden flakes. Photos show two thin coats. Formula was perfectly smooth and applied like a dream! 

I guess my nail art here reads more "romance" than "fantasy," but I was going for whimsical and feminine, so that's a kind of mix of both. Right? Sure. 

Again, I absolutely love the flakey sparkle in this polish. The color is beautiful and delicate, and the golden undertones adds a nice detail to make it more unique.

Next is Adventure, a warm orangey-red with gold flake shimmer and pinkish undertones. Photos show two thin coats topped with some pirate-inspired nail art. Again, formula was fantastic!

Next is Horror, a slate blue crelly polish with matte grey, light blue, and dark blue circle and hex glitters. Photos show three thin, perfectly formulated coats layered to highlight the depth and squishyness. I also added some scary drippy bloodspots, that actually look more like chocolate syrup in retrospect. Oops!

I also used a matte topcoat in the photo above, because for some reason I just could not get a good photo of this one without a glare. Photo below shows Horror topped with glossy topcoat.

Finally, I have the namesake polish from the collection, The Pagemaster. This is another cool-toned multichrome with scattered silver flakes. These photos show three thin coats alone, (pinky) over white, (ring) over gray, (middle) and over black (index). I think it looks best over black!

It doesn't look super different over the different shades, but a base color definitely gives the color and shift a pop, and the tones are much richer over black.

And some macro shots to highlight the shiftyness!

The Pagemaster collection is currently available through the Nvr Enuff Polish online shop, though Pagemaster and Jekyll & Hyde are currently sold out. Be sure to follow them on Instagram to hear about promotions and restocks!

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