Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Laquerlicious Summer Releases Swatch & Review

Hi everyone! I've been sitting on these Laquerlicious swatches for way too long, but I finally got around to writing them up. Seems like I can always make time to do my nails, but making time to edit photos and write up a post can be more difficult. I'm hoping to get better about this once I start school and am forced to mange my time better!

In case you've been living under a rock, Laquerlicious is a celebrated indie brand known for bold and eclectic glitter mixes. This is the second time I've had the opportunity to review these amazing polishes, (you can take a look at the 2013 Christmas collection and an indie maker spotlight with the maker Michelle here!) and I was thrilled to try a few more!

Polishes provided at discount for purpose of review.

First up is One Fine Day, a colorful, mostly-matte mix of hex, triangle, square, circle, and star glitters in a clear base. These photos show one dabbed coat over a gradient of China Glaze Official - Sun Upon My Skin, Spring In My Step, and At Vase Value. I topped it all with two coats of HK Girl Topcoat to smooth it out.

I've been seeing swatches of this topper for awhile, and I always knew it belonged in my collection. The mix of colors is so bright and whimsical, and I love the variety of shapes and sizes. It could be paired with so many different base colors, or sandwiched between almost and jelly. As with all Laquerlicious polishes, the glitter was plentiful in each stroke/dab.

Next is Two Tickets to Paradise, a super dense glitter bomb in a clear base. This one includes mostly blue, purple, and teal-toned pieces in various sizes from microglitter to larger circles, squares, and triangles. The smaller glitters give off a moderate holographic effect in the sun, which is just stunning! I originally planned on putting this one over a base color, but when I discovered how gloriously dense it was, I knew I wanted it to stand alone! The photo below shows two coats with two generous coats of topcoat.

Just to illustrate what I mean by "super dense," the photo below shows this polish after just one coat. ONE! No clean up, so excuse the stray glitters :)

Back to two coats now. I love any polish with big circle glitters, and I love how nicely they blend with the rest of the mix in this polish. This would be make a huge impact as a glittery accent nail, and the density could even allow for using it as a base to some nail art. So much sparkle, so many possibilities!

Next up, and my favorite of the four I reviewed, is Gold Digger, a gold, clear-based glitter mix even more dense than the one reviewed above. Again, though the look is overwhelmingly gold, many of the pieces have a holographic effect as well. These photos show two coats (no undies!) topped with two layers of topcoat. 

This polish is seriously what my dreams are made of! It's so incredibly sparkly, and packs such a punch as a full mani. Again, the glitter was plentiful with each stroke, and it was very easy to achieve full coverage in two careful coats. 

I love this on its own, but I anticipate incorporating it in to a bunch of manis as an accent, as I did in the one below.

Here I paired Gold Digger with China Glaze - Be More Pacific and a smattering of studs from the Born Pretty Store. I felt so fancy and sophisticated when I wore this!

The last polish I reviewed is Midnight at the Oasis, a glitter bomb in a clear base comprised of blue, purple, and turquoise glitters. Shapes and sizes vary a lot in this one as with the others above, including microglitters and small hexes up to large circles, triangles, and stars. These photos show one dabbed coat (again, ONE!) over a gradient of China Glaze - In a Lily Bit, Lotus Begin, and X-ta Sea, all topped with HK Girl Topcoat.

I realize I must sound like a broken record at this point, but each stroke and dab of this polish produced so. much. GLITTER! I bet I could get full coverage with this one in 2-3 coats, as I did with Two Tickets to Paradise. I love how bold these richly colored glitters look over a lighter base.

If it wasn't already evident, I absolutely adore all of these polishes and am excited to work them into various manicures and nail art. "Glitter bomb" just takes on a different meaning when it's slapped on a Laquerlicious bottle--you won't be fishing for glitters, and you might need your sunglasses! 

All of these polishes are currently available for purchase on the Laquerlicious website, and some are even on sale, so don't miss out! You can also keep up with new releases and promotions by following Laquerlicious on Instagram

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